Friday, August 27, 2010

Let’s Keep the Cold Water Flowing

Here is another compelling poem from Jim Corner. Thanks, Jim!

Let’s Keep the Cold Water Flowing

The son of man shoved northward
toward Sychar – a place of controversy.
It was near Mt. Gerisim, almost 3000
feet high near the city of Askar. It was
a thirsty and hungry route – but with
purpose. His followers knew not.

More than curiosity, thirst or hunger,
universal hospitality was the need.
The northern clan felt shut out
of the flock. Thirst stopped the group
while the leader inquired where to fill
their cups. “I will bring you the water
so you may fill them. I’m surprised
you stopped here.” “Well” he said,

I just wanted see how you guys are
doing up here in the north. By the way,
I’m sending a plumber up here to talk
about cleaning-out Jacob’s well
and attaching a facet for convenience.
He’s a young guy -- just out of the hospital,
he was beaten by a group on the border
so be kind to him.”


1 comment:

  1. I like this poem because it makes me smile and it makes me think. Which is kind of what you'd say about Jim Corner now that I think about it.