Tuesday, August 10, 2010


From Contributor Bill

I was watching the Daily Show with my spouse when Scott Liveley with Defend the Family was featured. They showed him saying crazy things about gay people and saying they weren't morally fit to be in the military and that Hitler used gays in the military due to this lack of morality. My spouse told me that this was a made up group and that it wasn't true, and it made me wonder.

I went to the website for Defend the Family and it exists. There is a comment abount the Daily Show which says the interview was "edited beyond recognition".

I did look to see what the group believes and found the question What do we mean by "pro-family"? Here is the quote:
We believe that the natural family was created by God to be the starting place and model for all human relationships. The natural family is one man and one woman and their children by birth or adoption, or the surviving remnant thereof. Marriage is God's institution to protect the natural family from forces such as promiscuity which would otherwise destroy it. To be pro-family is to actively promote and protect the natural family as the foundation of human society and culture.
I'm not sure Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar meet this definition very well and I don't see the group putting down the patriarch's in the Old Testament. In fact, I see lots of plural marriages and concubines when I read. While Adam and Eve meet this definition I'm not sure many other Old Testament families meet this definition.

As for today, I have met and come to know many non traditional families and have found them to be strong; exhibiting love, support, maturity and and other the other attributes I associate with committed families. I believe that strong families are defined by the people in them, often strengthened by a faith in God.

I don't know what actions Defend the Family takes to strengthen families. This example of belief seems to weaken families.

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