Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Possible Letter to the Editor

We are considering sending something like this to various papers:
It is not Christian to be anti-Muslim. The members of Chalice Christian Justice Ministries are alarmed by the increased anti-Muslim sentiment being expressed in our country, particularly in the name of Jesus Christ. In the fourth chapter of John, we learn of how Jesus responded to a Samaritan woman--someone who, like the Jews, worshipped the God of Abraham but in a radically different fashion. Jesus treated her with respect and kindness, and when she brought up their religious differences, He told her what matters is “truth and spirit,” not where you pray. The members of Chalice Christian Justice Ministries are also troubled as Americans to see one of our most treasured national values--religious tolerance--trampled as a result of fear spawned from misinformation. Perhaps those in the church fanning the flames of hate should remember that the only people against whom Jesus Christ directed anger were those in the Church who perverted the faith for their own financial and political gain. As an old song goes, “for the buyers and the sellers were no different 'fellas' than what I profess to be, and it causes me pain to know I’m not the man that I should be.”
Before we send it off, some kind thoughtful feedback is welcome. I know from experience that if it is published, the comments will be neither kind nor thoughtful.

UPDATED: 1:24pm

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  1. Oops, I just caught one typo myself. Samaritan womAn, not womEn.